CRIMSON KING (complete)

The CRIMSON KING is equipped with two of our new F-Zero forks made out of a very high tensile aluminum which are mounted with Polster "Turner" RKP trucks and Bigfoot wheels. This longboard is ideal for traveling as it is rather short. The deck has got an awesome high gloss paint job, but is slightly used although you will hardly see any usage. All other parts are new. Price: 149,- € (shipping Germany and EU included). For more information check our shop.

F-ZERO (fork plus shock pads, bolts and nuts)

This black anodized fork is made out of a high tensile aluminum and is a zero degree fork. It is cnc milled and you can use two of them for a regular longboard or you combine it with a zero degree truck and get a nice zero degree system for a LDP hybridboard. Price: 49,- € (shipping Germany and EU included). Get more info in our shop.