Black Dog LDP complete (Sorry, out of stock, but available soon!)

This is our best seller - a LDP bracketboard with everything you need to pump. Equipped with high quality parts this is a LDP complete with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. For more info check the shop.


RAVE (LDP complete/natural)

Our new deck with stringers makes this board one of the lightest Black Dog has ever built. It has a medium flex and is good for riders with a weight up to 95 kg.  With a price of 339 € (free shipping within the EU) it is still one of the most affordable, but still decent LDP completes in the world. For more info check the shop.

RAVE (LDP complete/neon yellow)

The deck of the RAVE is 72 cm long, 26,5 cm wide and it got a concave of 1 cm. It comes with the new Black Dog F-15 fork and a Bennett Vector truck with softer bushings (80a) for the front and with the ZDA and a Polster Turner truck for the tail. Equipped with Orangatang Kegel wheels (split duro) this board is great to pump and still easy to push. It is also great for cruising and carving and really fun to ride. The deck is quite flexy and only suitable for riders up to 65 kg. With its awesome price of 299 € (free shipping within EU) it is the most affordable LDP complete in the world!

RAVE (LDP complete/metallic blue)

For description look above at RAVE neon yellow and/or at the shop.

F-15 / Bennett "VECTOR" truck

The F-15 together with the Bennett "VECTOR" - the standard truck (already with changed bushings) for pumping. An affordable, but decent and good working front combination for those who already have a deck. Price: 115 € (free shipping within EU).

F-ZERO / Polster "TURNER" truck

The F-ZERO together with the Polster "TURNER" truck -  a very nice german RKP truck for longboarding. An affordable and good working combination for those who already have a deck. Price: 69 € (free shipping within EU).

ZDA (Zero Degree Adapter) / Polster "TURNER" truck

The easiest and most affordable way to get a zero degree rear truck system for LDP. This is the "no worries" solution, just mount it to your deck and you're ready to go. Price: 89 € (free shipping within EU).


This piece of fine design is cnc milled from a mono block of high tensile aluminum, so there is no additional bending needed which always weakens the material. Price: 79 € (free shipping within EU).


The black anodized fork is made out of a very high tensile aluminum and got no angle. It is cnc milled and you can combine it with a zero degree truck and get a nice zero degree system for LDP. Or use two of them for a regular longboard. Price: 49 € (free shipping within EU).

ZDA (Zero Degree Adapter)

Mount a regular RKP truck to this adapter and you have the most affordable solution for a zero degree rear truck for LDP. Price: 69 € (free shipping within EU).