APEX (LDP complete)

This is our bestseller - a LDP bracketboard with everything you need for pumping and pushing. Equipped with high quality parts this is a LDP complete with an unbeatable price/performance ratio. For more info check the shop.

APEX (deck, F-15, ZDA, front & rear truck)

This combo has got everything except wheels and bearings. So if you still got some nice wheels lying around and you want to try LDP, grab this incredible offer.

APEX (deck, F-15, ZDA, rear truck)

You get the APEX deck with a front fork and a zero degree rear truck system. Just add a front truck, wheels and bearings of your choice and you are ready to roll. 

APEX (deck, F-15, ZDA)


APEX (deck, F-15, F-Zero)

The APEX deck with the F-15 fork for the front and two different options for the rear. For all of those who are looking for a great LDP deck, but already have trucks or want others than BLACK DOG offers.

APEX (deck only)

The APEX LDP deck is made of canadian maple and has a 1,5 cm concave. It is 80 cm long and 25 cm wide. This deck is part of our bestseller, the APEX complete.

F-15 / Bennett "VECTOR" truck

The F-15 together with the Bennett "VECTOR" - the standard truck for pumping with swapped bushings. An affordable, but decent and good working front combination for those who already have a deck.

F-ZERO / Polster "TURNER" truck

The F-ZERO together with the Polster "TURNER" truck -  a very nice german RKP truck for longboarding. An affordable and good combination to set up a classic longboard.

ZDA (Zero Degree Adapter) / Polster "TURNER" truck

The easiest and most affordable way to get a zero degree rear truck system for LDP. This is the "no worries" solution, just mount it to your deck and you're ready to go.


The black anodized fork is made out of a very high tensile aluminum and got no angle. It is cnc milled and you can combine it with a zero degree truck and get a nice zero degree system for LDP. Or use two of them for a regular longboard.

ZDA (Zero Degree Adapter)

Mount a regular RKP truck to this adapter and you have the most affordable solution for a zero degree rear truck.


This black anodized fork is made out of a very high tensile aluminum and got a 15 degree angle. It is cnc milled from a mono block and there is no bending needed afterwards. Therefore it is probably the strongest fork worlwide.